Red Sword

Consulting Services

Red Sword is an experienced IT consulting firm that offers a wide array of services. We specialize in ERP systems including SAP, Dynamics, and Infor in the areas of project management, blueprinting, technical configuration, implementation support, application development, and staff augmentation. With a global range including Europe, Africa, Latin America and the USA, we are known for our ability to deliver any of our specialties in the international market. To further meet our customers' needs we have developed a "Global Operations Call Center" that puts experts in your processes on-call, when needed.

Our mission is to empower our customers to produce the most cost-effective solutions. Instead of working under the atmosphere of "luxury consulting, which invariably costs the customer top dollar, Red Sword has embraced the concept of providing business solutions at lower prices while maintaining high quality.

This business model is based on reducing overhead and unnecessary expenses. We use virtual connectivity models, video conferencing and remote administration to communicate between employees and customers. Consultants use this virtual communication model for consulting projects to reduce travel and hotel expenses, allowing them to work from home and reducing hundreds of dollars in travel accommodations and billable hours. You won't find fancy offices or utilities, expensive printed collateral materials, first-class travel, or high business development costs, but you will find that our staff's interests are aligned with those of our customers, thereby creating a profitable business and long-term value.

Our consultants come from a variety of backgrounds, and all of them possess the certifications, experience, and customer service skills to accommodate even the most unique environments. Since 2005, Red Sword has provided ERP solutions experts to more than 80 implementations worldwide. Our professionals and consulting staff are highly skilled in the delivery of ERP systems. We are multilingual, multinational and have extensive cross-industry business experience.

Red Sword looks forward to assisting you on your ERP journey!